Herb Pickles and Preserves

Herb Pickles and Preserves

Above: Vegetables and fruits made into savoury preserves taste better if they are left longer time to mature.





From bottled vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices to sweet james and jellies, most preserves benefit from the feast of flavours given by your organic or bio garden. 


Above: Pickling and preserving food in nature on the wooden shelves. 


Above: Pickled Mashrooms



Above: Vesna’s Pickled Fruit and Vegetables in Australia. 


Above: Pickled Cucumbers 


Above: Japanise Syle Pickles, photographed in Japan. 


Above: Vesna’s Pickled Vegetables and Fruits, in Australia. 


Presentation plays an imortant role in the making pickels and preserves. They are frequently given to your family, friends, relatives, as gifts. I would like to give you a very good suggestion and that is to collect assortment of diverse bottles and jars, and they are really worth collecting for your best presentation of your hard work with herb pickels and preserves.


 Above: Pickled Fruits and Jams 


Above: Vegetable Pickles in Jars 


Above: Vesna’s Pepper’s Relish stored in high bottles, December 2018, Australia.  


Vesna’s Tips


All jars and bottles need to be thoroughly sterilized before using for preserves. Wash in soapy water and remove any old labels. Dry them and put in the oven set at 150 degrees C / 300 degrees C. Gas 2 for 15 minutes before filling. Celophane jam-pot covers are ideal for all preserves except pickles as the vineger will gradually evaporate through them and spoil the top of the pickle. Many preserving bottles and jars have attached lids with rubber seasls. Please remove the seals before sterilizing.

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